What's New?

In Summer 2022, Tive released a new version of public API endpoints (v3). As of early January 2024, the sunset of our legacy API v2 endpoints has occurred. While these endpoints are technically still operational, we are no longer providing updates or technical support for API v2. We will be progressively phasing out API v2 further diminishing its functionality and reliability. We strongly encourage users who have not yet transitioned to our latest version of the public API to do so promptly. The v3 version offers improved features and continued support, ensuring your shipments are managed efficiently and securely. Please prioritize this switch to maintain uninterrupted service and safeguard your operations.

What's New in this API Version?

Here are some of the highlights you can expect from our new API version:

  • Self-service authentication from the Tive application
  • Better platform parity. Some highlights include:
    • Shipments
      • Multi-leg shipment support
      • Shipment templates
      • Shipment collaboration
    • Alert Presets
      • No longer called Alert Profiles
      • Support to specify at origin, in transit, and/or at destination alerts
    • Carriers
      • Carrier and carrier contact information is more accessible and easier to use
      • Outlined how to use standardized carriers and their importance
    • Webhooks
      • Introduced ability to create and edit
    • Accounts
      • Edit account name
      • Change autocomplete delay
      • Enable/disable an account
      • Change device account
    • Geofences
      • Currently, creation or editing of geofences is not fully supported. Users can create simple radius geofences with our API, however, to create a simple radius or custom geofence Tive recommends using the Tive Platform.
  • Standard and consistent RESTful conventions

Base URL

  • v3: https://api.tive.com/public/v3/<endpoint>

Looking Forward

Tive highly encourages you to migrate to v3 of our public API if you are still using legacy v2. From new functionality to better documentation, there are numerous changes we believe will improve your integration experience.


Have any feedback or questions? Please reach out to [email protected].