Alert Presets

Alert Presets allow you to track events of interest. For example, you can configure the system to trigger an event when a device experiences high temperature or when light has been detected. Below outlines all the available types of alerts you will be able to create with the Tive public API.

Types of Alerts


To configure temperature alerts, you can set an above and/or below threshold that will trigger an alert when the temperature leaves the specified range. Temperature alerts can be configured for devices with or without probe support.

Location Alerts

Enable receiving an alert when a Shipment:

  • Departs the shipment leg fromAddress (beyond 1 km)
  • Arrives at the shipment leg toAddress (within 1 km)
  • Delivery is likely to depart/arrive later than the ETA (road shipments only)

Route Alerts

Prolonged Stops

Enable alerts for a shipment that stops in one location for more than the specified amount of time.

Route Deviation

Once you've completed an over-the-road truck Shipment, you will be able to select it as a Route. You will be alerted if the driver deviates from that route by more than 3 to 40 km.

  • Not currently supported via the public API. To create route deviation alert presets, please visit the Tive Platform.


Alert when ambient light exceeds the pre-configured threshold. Only configurable by Tive Support for a specific luminosity threshold.

Shock Events

Alert when the tracker experiences a shock event. Contact Tive Support to reconfigure your tracker's threshold for low-range/high-sensitivity (i.e. alerts upon drops of less than 4").


Alert when a tracker fails to transmit to Tive for the specified amount of time.

Battery Power

Alert when the battery falls below the percentage specified.


To configure humidity alerts, you can set an above and/or below threshold that will trigger an alert when the humidity leaves the specified range.


Alert when the tracker is entering/leaving a specific location.