Shipment Data

Tive provides the following ways to gain insight into your shipments.

Shipment Tracker Data

To retrieve your shipment's sensor data, utilize the Get Shipment Tracker Data endpoint. This endpoint will return shipment information for the following parameters: location, temperature, humidity, pressure, light, motion, or battery.

If there is a specific time range you'd like to see, you can optionally provide a UTC start and end date range to narrow down the sensor data you'd like to see, otherwise, Tive will default to returning the full duration of the shipment.

Shipment Alerts

To gain insight on a shipment's alerts, users should make requests via the Get Shipment Alerts endpoint.

Alerts are useful to gain insight into what may have had a negative impact to your shipment, but you don't necessarily need to view the data for every sensor measurement.

Unless specified, the date range of data returned will be the full duration of the shipment in question. You can optionally specify a UTC start and end date to pare down your results. All alerts will specify the account, device, shipment, alert trigger, and details.

Details are comprised of the following information:

  • type and value: Type and value of the alert
  • dateTime: Timestamp of when the alert was triggered
  • reasons: Reason(s) for the alert
    • Created: The first measurement of an alert
    • Latest: The most recent measurement of an ongoing alert
    • Closed: The alert was closed
  • location: Coordinates and address where the alert occured

Shipment Status

The two options above are good for providing data over the lifetime of a shipment. If you don't necessarily need all of that data, the Retrieve Shipment Status endpoint can be useful for retrieving the latest sensor measurement from a shipment.

Parameters returned by this endpoint include: total distance, distance travelled, distance remaining, start date, departed date, delivered date, completed date, current temperature, current light levels, current humidity, and current pressure.


Please visit the Webhooks section to learn more about how to use Tive webhooks with shipments.