Tive’s End-of-Life Policy for API v2

At Tive, we’re driven by our mission to pioneer beyond what we thought possible—so what others hold near and dear arrives on time and in full. As part of this mission, we want to ensure that all Tive customers have the best technology available to help their supply chain operations run smoothly, so they can remain successful in today’s rapidly-evolving landscape.

To uphold this promise, Tive is introducing a Product Lifetime Policy to ensure we can best support our customers. For a variety of reasons, all products reach the end of a lifecycle (EOL), including market demands, technology innovations, product maturity, and replacement with improved technology.

These EOL milestones prompt companies to assess the impact of our products and services. We have outlined Tive’s EOL policy and milestones below in an effort to share with you our rationale, as well as to let you know how we plan to help your company successfully transition to the next version of our API.


This End-of-Life Policy focuses on our integration products, i.e., the Tive Public API—specifically, Tive’s legacy API v2. This policy covers all new EOL notifications on or after October 24, 2022 as it relates to retiring our API v2. This policy does not apply to other Tive hardware (trackers), software, or services (collectively called “Products”).


End-of-Life Milestones

  • End-of-life date: Tive will end all services for API v2 on January 5, 2024. On this date, API v2 will become unreliable or may/will cease to function without further warning, and existing API keys will be deleted. Technical support and assistance will no longer be available for API v2, which means that the product may become vulnerable to security threats and compatibility issues.
  • End-of-Life Notification date: External notifications to customers regarding the API v2 EOL began on October 24, 2022, and will continue until the official end of service date, January 5, 2024.
  • End-of-Sale date: The Tive API v2 product has not been offered for sale since October 24, 2022.


  • End of Life: A process that guides the final business operations associated with the Tive product lifecycle. Also referred to as “sunsetting” or “retiring,” the end-of-life process consists of a series of technical and business milestones and activities that, once completed, make a product obsolete. Once obsolete, that product is not sold, improved, maintained, or supported.
  • EOL Notification date: The date on which the EOS and EOL milestones for a product are communicated to the public.
  • End of Sale (EOS) date: Tive API v2 product is no longer offered for sale after October 24, 2022.


Why is Tive Retiring API v2?

We’re retiring our legacy API v2 to improve Tive's performance, security, and integration capabilities. The Tive Public API v3 replaces it and provides a smoother user experience, addressing issues such as system strain, rate limiting, and security gaps.

What’s New in API v3? How is it Different from v2?

Tive Public API v3 provides the ability to programmatically interact with the Tive Platform. API v3 includes robust capabilities including:

  • Documentation outlining how to use the API
  • Self-service authentication for safe and secure transactions
  • Create and track multi-leg shipments for full visibility into your freight
  • Assign collaborators to shipments to streamline communications
  • Leverage templates to streamline the shipment creation process
  • Create, edit, and view webhooks via integration
  • Create and edit simple radius geofences for location alerts
  • Create alerts at the origin, in transit, and/or at the destination
  • Easily create, update, retrieve, or delete carrier contacts
  • Edit the account names, change autocomplete delays, or enable/disable an account
  • Ability to move a device to a different account within your organization
  • Verify webhook signatures via API to ensure that events or data are sent by Tive, not by a third party

Does Tive offer technical support or assistance during the transition?

For API v2, Tive will continue to provide support until the end-of-life date—January 5, 2024. Our dedicated customer and technical support team is available 24/7 to resolve issues with v3 and Tive products. For assistance, please contact [email protected].

Are there any pricing changes associated with the new API version?

There are no pricing changes associated with Tive Public API v3.

How do I get started integrating over to API v3?

Check out our documentation (linked below) to get started planning your transition.


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